About Joyce

Al Gore, Joyce Brewer, Vice President Al Gore

Al Gore & Joyce Brewer in Pittsburgh, PA (1999)

JoyceBrewer.TV is a media consulting company to “tell the story of your business with a media pro!”

I have spent 20 years in front of  the camera as a journalist.

Now I help brands and  businesses create fresh content to promote their businesses.

Specialties: Video Production & Marketing, YouTube channel creation/promotion/optimization, Streaming Video, Press Releases, WordPress, Social Media Management, Media Coaching & Preparation.

Emmy award-winning TV career

I have reported for TV stations in Columbia, Missouri; Youngstown, Ohio; Kansas City, Missouri and most recently in Jackson, Mississippi.

My work has also appeared on Dateline NBC, Good Morning America and she’s been a guest on ABC’s The View.

The highlight of my career was getting a one-on-one interview with the person who inspired her TV career: Oprah Winfrey.

In 2006, while working as a news anchor for 16 WAPT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi we earned two Emmy awards for Best Newscast and for Breaking News coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

Since 2010, I’ve hosted an online parenting talk show and video blog, Mommy Talk Show. I create online video campaigns for family-friendly brands businesses.

Video Marketing Expertise

Working with me on a video is more than just a video shoot. It’s more of a media and performance consultation based on my 15 years of experience telling news stories.
After I created a Power Profile Video for Angela Stalcup’s new membership program, Angela saw an immediate interest in paid enrollment.
One of my most-watched  YouTube videos about chiropractic care and expectant moms reached 1,100 views in one month.

Joyce’s Appearances on The View